Prospective Undergraduates

Many Stanford undergraduates have participated in research in my laboratory as have students from other colleges and Universities. If you think you are interested in doing research with us, you should first read the summary of our research projects and look at the typical research topics listed. The next step is to email me ( to see if there is space in the lab and to set up an appointment to talk about possible projects.

There are several ways to begin undergraduate research. Many students begin as volunteers, either during the term or during the summer. Stanford students can engage in a research project for course credit or internship credit during any quarter. For longer term research leading to an honors thesis, students typically seek funding from the Stanford Undergraduate Research Program grant program (SURP website) that provides research and living expenses.

Honors research consists of performing experiments aimed at answering an original research question. The following are former undergraduate honors theses in the Fernald lab.

Reproductive/Social Behavior

Undergraduate Honors Thesis  1991 –  2000
Undergraduate Honors Thesis  2001 –  2009
Undergraduate Honors Thesis  2010 –  2012

Retinal /Visual Processes

Undergraduate Honors Thesis   1991 – 2006