Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows

Research training for post-doctoral fellows

Several possible research projects are described in the research section (Model System, Reproduction) and these are possible topics for post-doctoral research training. Post doctoral fellows can combine research with the development of undergraduate teaching skills. Interested postdoctoral fellows can participate in lecture courses and serve as mentors for undergraduates interested in designing and doing original research.

More information about Stanford postdoctoral services is available here.

If you are interested in joining the laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow you should arrange to talk to me (Russ) about possible projects, timing and support. You can call me (650-725-2460) or email me ( to arrange for a visit.

After an initial meeting I will ask you to arrange for three letters of reference to be sent (preferably via email) to me. If these are favorable and you are still interested we will arrange for a visit to the laboratory where you will give a talk on your research to the weekly lab meeting and meet with lab members.

All post-doctoral fellows in the laboratory are expected to apply for extramural support at some point during training. US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for individual post-doctoral fellowships ( NRSAs ) and support from training grants. Stanford maintains a roster of possible support sources for non-citizens.

Recent postdoctoral fellows include Dr. Hans Hofmann, now at Harvard University and Dr. Rich White, now at Fering Research Institute.