Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in research in my laboratory (Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. students) enter through:

The courses, examination requirements and laboratory rotation requirements are specific to each program and the websites will give you information about which academic route matches your interests.

Graduate students usually join the laboratory as rotation students during their first year of training. Full time research directed towards the Ph.D. begins in the second year.

If you are considering my laboratory for your Ph.D. research you should read the introduction to research of the laboratory posted on the lab web site. You should also read recent papers and/or reviews which are available as pdf files in the publications part of the lab web site. Next, contact Russ, preferably by email (, to discuss potential research projects and timing for a rotation. A broad range of ongoing projects are available to rotating graduate students and you do not have to plan on joining the lab to rotate with us, provided that we have room, equipment etc. for you.